Most women don't mind spending money to take care of themselves in order to present a polished appearance. With this in mind, there are two areas where they usually don't skimp: hair and nails.

When it comes to hair, we're usually particular; and it seems that we're becoming just as picky about our nails.

Late last week, my cousin who is visiting from Chicago asked where she should go to get her nails done. The person I wanted to suggest works primarily by appointment. So, I didn't send her there; but I didn't know where else to send her.

I've had a few experiences with salons in the area that made me prefer to not patronize a business where the employees choose to speak a language not understood by most customers. I find it to be downright rude, and I don't think I should have to spend my money with rude people. I'll stay home, file my own nails, and throw on a clear coat before spending with them.

Today, my daughter and I received compliments on our nails. I shared that I'd gone to Drea Shipp at Phenix Salon Suites. Not only does she do exceptional work, but I also like the idea of setting an appointment and walking in when it's my time.

But when a visitor to the area asks where to get her nails done, they usually want somewhere to go right then. Any suggestions? Tag them in the comments.

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