It's no secret that I'm often on the go.  Last weekend found me in Atlanta to host a fashion show at Opium nightclub, where Bios held its debut.

According to the company founder and President Eugene Tinker, "Bios" is actually computer terminology that he converted into the acronym "Believe in One Self."  Mr. Tinker wanted his clothing to inspire others to follow their dreams, no matter how big or small.  If there is a goal one sets for himself, it is attainable if he believes in himself and his ability to get it done.

Credit: Facebook/Eugene Tinker
Credit: Facebook/Eugene Tinker

Using this concept, Mr. Tinker has enlarged his "small" IT business from Montgomery, Alabama into an international business with operations in Zimbabwe, Germany, and Japan!

The clothing line features the finest urban wear with looks ranging from everyday street attire to gym wear to "date night" favorites.  To get a look at the complete line and all available items, click here.



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