Black Business Friday: Archibald & Woodrow's

Happy Black Business Friday!  Be sure you take time out to support a local Black-Owned Business like the restaurant Archibald & Woodrow's.  I visited the location at 4215 Greensboro Ave, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405.  According to Green America, gave insight on why we should support black business because “these kinds of business ventures uplift communities, fostering a sense of pride in the people that live there. When you support Black-owned businesses, you get products that are valuable for the unique character they bring.”

Last summer, my cousin was in town visiting and helping me unpack, and we started craving BBQ. My boss ranted and raved about the BBQ at Archibald & Woodrow's, so we figured we would give it a try. WOW! It was delicious. And I’ve been going ever since that day.  My cousin was so impressed even got an order of baked beans to take back to Florida and still talks about Archibald & Woodrow's to this day.

According to the Archibald & Woodrow's website, it notes that their “BBQ has been a staple in West Alabama since the early 1960s, and we want you to enjoy the same BBQ that your parents and grandparents have enjoyed for decades.”

Archibald & Woodrow's Contact Info From Their Website:



HOLT LOCATION (205)765-9143

CATERING (205) 765-5676

(Source) For more from Green America, click here. For more about Archibald & Woodrow's, click here.

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