Every week, our station highlights Black owned businesses on Fridays. While I'm usually quick to support other people's businesses (sharing posts, writing articles, referrals, etc.), I figured it a great disservice if I didn't tell you about my own!

The foundation of Journey with Jade was established a number of years ago.  I started working at one of the largest radio stations in the state in 2003.  Periodically, business owners would ask me to record audio for voicemail greetings, videos to be shared on social media, and other projects.  I would also receive requests to produce commercials for clients outside our listening area. I would do the work without charging.  I often accepted a barter, meaning the entity would have something I needed. So, we would exchange services or goods. I did this for a number of years just to make my ends meet. I still do from time to time, just because I know not every business owner can afford traditional advertisement.

However, few people knew that my regular employment wasn't really sustaining me financially.  They saw that my daughter was a happy child and that we went some of everywhere!  We took annual vacations to the beach, we've been to Disney and just about every big city within a 4-5 hour drive.  Last year, I was able to take her across the country to spend a few days in Seattle.

It is important to me to expose my daughter to a vast variety of cultures and environments.  But get this.... When most of this was done, I was only taking home an average of $1500 a month!

For many, this was magical.  I had a mortgage, a car note, and a cell phone bill.  No credit cards and often times no car insurance-- which I'm definitely not telling anyone to drop! It was just a decision I had to make and a risk I had to take until I could do better.

What I learned during that time (in addition to systemic racism) was how to truly live on a small amount and how to hustle for more.  Thus began Journey with Jade.

In addition to still offering voice over services, it became my mission to help other mothers not only budget their money but also teach how to enjoy the small things in life that children will never forget as well as how to plan for a remarkable vacation.  Everyone who knows me knows I'd rather TAKE vacation than medication ANY day!

Quite naturally, this led to taking on opportunities to motivate others. So, groups  hire me to speak about my life and give insight to groups rather than individuals.  I get to encourage others and see new places, and I absolutely love it.  I usually take my daughter along so she has the opportunity to see it all and also reap the benefits of my labor beyond the finances.

My website (built by Townsquare Interactive) is still being developed, but you can check it out here.  For information on all of my services and rates, send an email to jadenicole929@gmail.com.

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