Most homeowners treat our homes the same as we do our clothes.

An outfit can be nice but bland. The accessories can change the entire look.

Such is the case with home ownership. You can buy a house that looks really nice inside and out, but if the lawn care only amounts to "getting the grass cut," your home hasn't reached its full potential.

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It's the same for businesses. Companies with nice landscaping give off a warmer, more welcoming feeling for potential clients and customers.

Nobody knows this more than Tre Lanier, owner and operator of Lanier Complete Lawn and Landscaping.

The company specializes in design and maintenance of landscaping which enhances curb appeal.  However, no job is too large or too small.  If a simple lawn cutting is what's needed, Lanier Complete Lawn and Landscaping can do it. Clean ups, hedge trimming, laying and spreading mulch, and cutting back dead limbs are also other areas where Lanier flourishes.

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Lanier complete after 2

One of the most common nuisances home owners have found in their lawns is a spot that appears yellow or dead. Yet, it's surrounded by plush, green grass.  Lanier says he knows the exact cause as well as what's needed to fix it.


With affordable rates and respectful communication, Lanier takes pride in providing a service for those who want the best care from a company which truly cares about the business more than the money.  The passion is in the work. Their motto is "taking care of God's earth, one landscape at a time."


Contact Lanier Complete Lawn and Landscaping for a free estimate and a discount from your first service. (205) 233-5740

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