This past weekend, I was (probably not) minding my own business when I got a message, stating that Southern Soul artist Calvin Richardson had released a book.  You know I had to get the details!

First of all, the title alone grasped my attention!

(Credit: Calvin Richardson)
(Credit: Calvin Richardson)

Calvin says the book basically chronicles his journey to success. Here's what the synopsis on Amazon says:

Multi-Grammy-nominated R&B singer and songwriter Calvin Richardson shares his inspiring story of rising from a modest southern upbringing to fame and living the dream of doing what he loves—wowing crowds with his illustrious hits and writing beautiful music. With fans and upcoming artists often asking how he managed to achieve his success, Richardson decided to write the book Do You, Without Them as a reminder to follow one’s dreams despite past and present, seemingly insurmountable obstacles. While offering insight into the reality of the music industry, this inspiring story delves into the depths of tenacity and determination to manifest the vision that remained obstinately entrenched since childhood. The Calvin Richardson story takes the reader on the ride of a lifetime transparently revealing the ups and downs, twists and turns that transformed a young boy from the Carolinas to a chart-topping inspiration who continues to blaze the trail with an amazing talent that touches the soul of loyal listeners.

Sounds much like the song we've all heard before... "I'll Go if I Have to Go By Myself."

(Here's where you can get your copy.) Now, whose book club is taking on this one?  I'm joining today!

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