Got a big event coming up, and you’re planning to pass out flyers near a high-traffic area? Beware, you may need to get a permit first or you could be stuck with a fine.

It wasn’t an upcoming event that got Ellen Haverman Hermann into hot water but the fact that she was handing out pamphlets outside the West Alabama Women’s Center, where abortions are legally provided in Tuscaloosa.  It was said that Hermann was reported for stopping traffic while protesting outside the clinic in May 2017.  The responding officer did not find Hermann to be interrupting traffic, but she was ticketed for not having a permit.  However, it was ruled Friday by an appellate court that a permit was not needed as Hermann was conducting a minor demonstration. Full story.

Great news for Hermann, but this also stands as an example for others who plan to target high-traffic areas to bring awareness to a cause.  Get that permit or you could face a $250 ticket.

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