COCA-COLA is planning to break its 130-year-old tradition with a new alcoholic drink - but there's a catch.The world's largest soft drink company is currently trying an alcopop-style beverage which will have an alcoholic content of three to eight per cent.

Alcopops, ready-made sweetened alcoholic drinks in bottles or cans, often resemble soft drinks because of their bubbly and fruit-flavored nature.

Coca-Cola's new drink is said to be a twist on Japan's popular Chu-Hi alcopop beverage, a sparkling flavored drink which has the strong kick of a local spirit called Sochu.

Canned Chu-Hi, which can have alcohol levels as high as nine per cent, is often sold in vending machines in Japan, and I must say that those are some of the coolest vending machines ever... I was able to try one when I lived in Japan...I couldn't stay away from them. You could even get hard liquor in some machines. But I digress...Coke's expansion into the alcoholic beverage business comes more than 130 years after the soft drink which was rumored to have had cocaine in the original recipe was first launched in the US.

I wonder when will Pepsi come out with their version?

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