As we have grown closer and closer to the kickoff date for Crimson Tide football there has been lots of talk about alcohol being served at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

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As reported by the official home of Crimson Tide sports, Tide 100.9, the outlet noted that “alcohol sales at Bryant-Denny Stadium could be much closer than previously thought.” Read more here.

If this all happens, this means the first time alcohol sales could happen at a sporting event at the University of Alabama. Not sure how you feel about the situation but I’m looking at the bigger picture.

More Than 100K Fans Plus Alcohol Sales

Let’s chat about the outcome of all the beer guzzling that will take place.

I’m not a beer drinker per se but the one thing I know … you have to go #1 a lot when consuming beer.

Let’s jump into the science of it. According to Healthline, “your kidneys keep track of the balance of particles to fluid in your blood. When fluid levels go above a certain amount, you’ll ultimately pee” In addition, “Alcohol is a diuretic. Drinking it can make you pee more than if you had the same amount of water.”

In theory, fans are going to have to urinate more often become of the intake of alcohol.

So, here is my question:

Are there enough bathrooms to handle the influx of people needing restroom services?

In doing some research, I couldn’t find a map of Bryant-Denny stadium that includes regular bathrooms.

However, it did mention at that “family restrooms are reserved for the use of guests with small children and guests with disabilities. Family restrooms include power outlets, chair, changing stations & shelving to accommodate various needs.”

Lower Level (2nd Floor): Sections N-4/N-5, NN, AA, & S-8
Upper Level (8th Floor): Sections NN-5, SS-4, SS-11

I’m still searching for a stadium map or information that can alert us to how many bathrooms are available for Crimson Tide fans.

(Source) Click here for more from Healthline. For more from Roll Tide, click here.

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