Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan

Do you remember how big of a part Crayola played in your life growing up?


Whether you were a Junior Picasso on paper or even on your Mother's wall,  I'm not sureof anyone makes it through childhood without developing a deep passion for Crayola crayons.

Now that you're an adult, you still have a chance to draw all over your face! Would you believe that Crayola just launched a new BEAUTY line of makeup!  YES! They are introducing the new "face crayons."  And Yes, even the box is the same! They come in the classic yellow and green Crayola boxes and everything!

You want to talk about variety in make up color? There are 58 different products in 95 different colors, including eye shadow, highlighters, mascaras, lipstick, and more.

If you would dare to try it,  you can order from the online fashion store ASOS.com.