Have you heard of Miracle Treat Day?  If you're an ice cream fanatic, you're going to love this!
Each year, Dairy Queen uses Miracle Treat Day as a means of giving back to the community.  At least $1 from each Blizzard sold this day will benefit Children's Hospital of Alabama.
Why is this important?  Children's Hospital of Alabama treats children who are victims of trauma as well as kids with illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and more.  According to its website, Children's of Alabama is the only medical center in the state which is dedicated solely to the care and treatment of children and boasts itself as the third largest pediatric medical facility in the United States.
Many children in the state of Alabama are treated at Children's, but kids from other states sometimes find themselves at Children's of Alabama as well.
So, be sure to get your Blizzard on Thursday, August 2.  It's the perfect excuse to be bad and good at the same time!

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