Doctors Prescribing Houseplants - Lemons Make Lemonade

How do we help ourselves when life hands us lemons, and we have no desire to make lemonade from those lemons?  Maybe with houseplants.  I have learned over time that my mental health is my top priority, but sometimes you feel beat down by the world, and simply put – you don’t want to make the lemonade.  I found that getting out into nature and having something to care for typically helps me.  According to the Fast Company article, “Doctors are now prescribing houseplants to help treat anxiety and depression.”  I can totally subscribe to this theory because I have found connecting with nature, even if it is a simple walk in the park, having a plant to tend to, or reading a book outside, helps me.  According to the non-profit agency, Sow the City in Manchester, they “work with doctors and hospitals to add horticultural therapy” which I think is fantastic.  I have a cute succulent garden on my desk that makes me happy.  So, if you are feeling a little down, put a little greener in your space, it might just lift your mood.

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