It was a great lunch at Dairy Queen's 1091 Southview Ln location today. I was only out there for an hour but was able to meet some of our best listeners and take pictures. We gave out gift cards for them to get some lunch too.

Dairy Queen is fan food, not fast food. I'm a fan of the M&M blizzard. They actually add tons of M&M's. I also love the $5 Buck Lunch, today I tried the 3pc Chicken strips, fries, and a coke! The box comes filled with food, that actually fills you up. However, if that's enough for you, they have a $6 Buck Lunch for a bigger appetite.

All in all, it was a great lunch at DQ and I hope we can do it again. So many people came out and said how they listen to me all the time & that made me feel wonderful!

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