Springtime in Alabama is from March 20th until June 20th. Fall is my favorite season, but Spring is the runner-up. We have been met with beautiful weather, tornadoes, and unseasonable temperatures. Sounds like a typical Alabama spring, right?

This spring, make sure you get out and take in all the beauty of the Yellowhammer State. There are incredible views at many gardens in Alabama. These gardens are close or just a few hours' drive, which makes for a great day trip. Also, some gardens are free or have a low-cost entrance fee.

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Alabama gardens make for excellent picnics, graduation photos, dates, selfies, or family outings. If you are trying to get your numbers up on your fit tracker steps, why not walk with a view. Trust me; it makes the time pass quickly.

Alabama Gardens in Spring

Alabama Gardens in Spring

(Source) Click here for more about the Aldridge Gardens. Click here for more about the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens. Click here for more about the Huntsville Botanical Garden.

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