In what appears to be a post made by a former employee, alleged conditions at the Captain D's on Skyland Blvd in Tuscaloosa has many vowing not to eat at the restaurant anymore.

Ironically, the line at the drive-thru is regularly wrapped around the building.  This is not to say that patrons would benefit from going inside instead, as some of the things in the videos could only be witnessed by someone with intimate access; but those going inside should definitely be aware of the 77 score.

This is sure to be alarming for those who've recently (and/or regularly) eaten at the establishment, but it also goes to show that while we may be picky about whose food we eat among people we know, we really don't know everything that goes on in the kitchens of the restaurants we know, love, and pay money to support.

Hopefully, this is just retaliation from a disgruntled former employee.  If not, Captain D's needs to be shut down.

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