Grief During The Holidays

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer but for some people like me the holidays can be not such a happy time.  Long story short, the holidays can be very rough for some because of the grief of missing loved ones.  In my case, my parents.  The holidays for me with my parents were amazing, lots of holiday family traditions over material gifts.  In my mind, our Christmas Tree was about 9 feet tall, but recently when looking at pictures it was a short 3-foot tree that my mother decorated and placed on top of a table.


A Facebook friend shared this article from Bustle with me, and I felt it was worthy of sharing because you never know who is going through something.  The article “15 Tips For Coping With Grief, Especially Around The Holidays” was very insightful.  I suggest you check it out.  Here are the highlights of the 15 tips from Bustle:

Give Yourself Time And Space To Process Your Emotions

Find Time To Be Alone

Have An Escape Plan When You Attend Events If They May Be A Trigger

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No To Party Invitations

Honor Their Holiday Traditions

Try New Holiday Traditions

 Leave Town Altogether

Connect With Others

Focus On Activities That Fulfill You

Remember The Happy Times

Be Better, Not Bitter

Seek Out Professional Help & Grief Resources

Do Random Acts Of Kindness

Practice Self-Care, Like Getting Plenty Of Rest

Remind Yourself That You *Will* Feel Better As Time Goes On

And my personal tip, it’s OK not to be OK! - @MaryKRadio

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