Mr. Turkey Recipe

In my family, the Thanksgiving turkey is not just a turkey; it is called Mr. Turkey.  If you want a foolproof juicy, delicious turkey this is the recipe I have been using since 1995.  And everyone rants and raves about my Turkey!  This is a similar recipe to my mother’s turkey expect she did not use olive oil.  And sometimes, she would use oranges instead of apples.  I feel like the bacon gives it the extra punch of flavor and balances nicely with the apples.  I am not a scientist but I believe the bacon helps create the juiciness.


* Turkey (I get the one that has the pop timer stick thingy) I did 12-13 pound last year
* 1 package of Sliced Bacon (2 packages if it is a larger Turkey), you can use Turkey Bacon. Some years I do a combo of the both.
* Half a bag of Red Apples Diced (Full bag if it is a larger Turkey)
* Small Tub of Soft Butter (discard after use or spoon out the butter on a plate)
* Olive Oil
* Mrs. Dash Original Blend Seasoning (I'm watching my sodium)


You can use your preferred baking dish - I use a Tin Foil Pan

Make sure you wash thoroughly your hands, sink, or anything that has touched the raw turkey to prevent cross-contamination.

Also, be sure to wash your hands between steps to help prevent any cross-contamination

Before you start – preheat your over to the suggested temperature. Here are some great turkey baking calculators:



Preheat the oven

Clean and wash your hands very well, you are now becoming the Turkey's massage therapist for about 10 minutes. LOL

Take soft butter in a plastic tub, and rub the butter into the skin of the turkey, put on slow music if that helps the massaging. LOL

Take more soft butter and rub in the inside of the turkey

Wash hands very well

Take one package of bacon and take a few strips at a time and roll them up and stuff the inside of the turkey

Take diced up red apples and stuff the inside of the turkey

Repeat the bacon and apple steps in layers until all the bacon and apples are gone and the cavity is full

Place Mr. Turkey in the pan

Wash hands really well

Pour Olive Oil on your hands and pat the outside of the Turkey

Wash hands really well

Cover the outside of the Turkey with Mrs. Dash

Place in pre-heated over and set the timer

Every so often I take the juice in the pan and pour it back over the turkey

Take a picture of Mr. Turkey for showing off purposes later

When done, let sit for a few before cutting.

Enjoy! Hit me up on Instagram if you have any questions - @MaryKRadio

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