When you think Southern comfort food, you think Fried chicken. Well with this being National Fried Chicken Day it just makes sense to honor a dish that defines a geographical region as none other.

I am a fried chicken addict, wings and breasts are my faves, with lots of hot sauce. Just a little (His)tory  of fried chicken.It was the Scottish who were the first Europeans to deep fry their chicken in fat (though without seasoning).

Meanwhile, a number of West African peoples had traditions of seasoned fried chicken (though battering and cooking the chicken in palm oil).

Scottish frying techniques and West African seasoning techniques were combined by enslaved Africans and African-Americans in the American South.

There are different ways to fry chicken but most of the time the chicken is then generally covered in a batter (eggs or milk, and a thickener such as flour). This is used to create a crust on the outside of the meat. In addition, seasoning is often added at this stage.

Once the chicken is ready to be cooked, it is placed in a deep fryer, frying pan or pressure cooker (depending on the method used) and fried in lard or a type of oil until golden brown and crispy.

To celebrate, try this fried chicken recipe!

Invite some friends over, make some fried chicken and have a Happy National Fried Chicken Day!

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