Joy Frequency? Is It A Real Thing

Life is always handing us lemons, and I believe in turning those into lemonade.  I tend to look at life a little differently with trying to make my happiness a top priority. [The keyword is “try]  All my decisions are deeply rooted in what makes “Mary K” happy.  It hasn’t always been this way because in life, sometimes you have to make decisions based on responsibility, financial status, relationships, etc.  This article by Kara Cutruzzula was fascinating because it discusses the “Joy Frequency.”  I asked myself, could this be real?  I think she is on to something in that having “a bunch of different experiences or moments throughout the day that are all positive in some small way, they can be more powerful than hanging all your hopes on one positive event to happen.”   She also suggests achieving joy to “create happy inducing events, get inspired by someone else’s joy, and rebrand your boring days.”

Smooches, @MaryKRadio

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