If you're debating whether or not to travel to the College Football Playoff semifinals to support Alabama, the ticket price certainly won't discourage you.

We're 10 days away from the Orange Bowl matchup between No. 1 Alabama and No. 4 Oklahoma and fans can get in for the price of a regular season game. And that will likely go even lower before kickoff. The latest search for tickets found plenty of tickets across multiple sites for less than $75. Here were the prices at the time of this story.

  • VividSeats has a three tickets available for $58/each.
  • SeatGeek's cheapest pair began at $68.
  • A search on StubHub found tickets starting at $69.99.

Sure, you'll be sitting pretty high up in the second level of the endzone, but you'll be in the stadium for the second playoff game on December 29. With ticket prices trending down this early, you might be able to find a ticket(s) for an even better price by gameday.

A few factors likely play into prices dropping well below face value for what should be a pretty high-profile game between two of the top programs with the top two Heisman Trophy finalists squaring off.

First, travel expenses. This is a long trip for both programs. Then you have a potential trip to California on deck just a week later. Most people will likely have to pick between the two and the national championship wins out.

Second, this is one of those unlikely scenarios where the top seed isn't going to its first choice venue because it's actually a closer trip for the lower seed. There was likely a number of fans that booked travel arrangements for Dallas and the Cotton Bowl assuming the Crimson Tide would be the top seed. When Oklahoma snuck into the playoff as the fourth seed, it changed everything and likely priced out a lot of fans trying to make changes that late.

Finally, Alabama fans have traveled so much already that many people just can't keep doing it. Humblebrag, right? But seriously, the school has already played in seven playoff games over four years (not counting four SEC Championship Games after the most recent win over Georgia). Those trips include New Orleans (2X), Dallas, Atlanta (2X), Glendale, and Tampa. Clemson fans can relate, but not to the extent of Alabama. Trying to add trips to Miami and Santa Clara made a lot of people cry uncle.

It's interesting to see what a possible expanded College Football Playoff might look like when it comes to ticket demand. An extra home game certainly wouldn't hurt but how many fans would make three playoff trips? That's something that needs to be taken into consideration whenever the expansion conversations take place.

Until then, however, you've got the luxury of picking up a last-minute Christmas gift for the Bama fan in your life and not even spend a Benjamin.

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