While on the road today, I noticed something I didn't see on the same route last week: a Love's Truck stop under construction.

Yesterday, my daughter and I took advantage of the chance to get away for a day. We went to Pearl River Resort, where we enjoyed the opening day for Geyser Falls followed by a nice dinner and some mommy-daughter bonding time.

On the way back this morning, just as I was about to get on the interstate, I noticed a construction site. Curious woman that I am, I pulled to the side of the road to see what was going on.

It kinda goes without saying that a new business almost always means new job opportunities. So, of course I had to do a little digging.

Turns out, the new station is expected to open later this year, creating jobs for over 40 people, according to WVUA 23.

Great news for those looking for work and those travelers who look for these type locations while on the road.

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