If you've already served time for crimes such as robbery and escape from prison, it's probably a good idea to stay out of trouble. If you're going to do ANYTHING that could land you behind bars again, it shouldn't be shoplifting!

Unfortunately, 55-year-old Robert Anthony Frye didn't get the memo.  Not only was Frye accused of shoplifting from the Belk in Trussville on Monday, but as he was confronted by loss prevention employees, he is said to have stabbed them.  It is said that he will be charged with two counts of robbery and two counts of attempted murder.

Oddly, it seems that most people feel a bit of sympathy for people who shoplift food. Some who've taken food have been given major breaks, with law enforcement sometimes providing them with more food than they attempted to steal. But there is no food in Belk. So, although the items he is accused of stealing aren't disclosed, they definitely weren't necessities to life.

Then again, maybe Frye intended to take the items and sell them on the street to satisfy another need, whether than is chemical, physical, mental, or material.  Stabbing the store's employees made the incident even more bizarre. If you've already been caught and are likely to serve some time, why take the chance on a worse sentence?

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