A video showing a young man positively drilling a passing police cruiser with a golf ball on University Boulevard in Tuscaloosa went super-viral Friday.

The clip captures the man teeing up on a golf ball sitting in the yard of a house just off the Tuscaloosa Strip.

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He smashes a shot toward University Boulevard, only to watch in horror as the ball bounces off a marked SUV driven by an officer with the University of Alabama Police Department.

The young man, aghast at what he had just done, immediately went inside, followed by the person filming the video.

More than 26 million people have watched the clip since it was posted to TikTok.

The Tuscaloosa Thread was able to interview the man in the video, Patrick Carley, who said the incident took place on Thursday, June 24, when Carley and friends were in their front yard.

Carley said they were “doin’ nothing good," trying to shoot golf balls over his neighbor's house before he accidentally hit the wheel of the passing UAPD car.

“It was just bad timing, and I knew I just needed to go inside,” Carley said.

The next day an officer came to Carley’s house and issued him a non-academic misconduct ticket. Carley still has to meet with someone about the ticket, but he said he is not worried.

A statement from a UA spokesperson indicates that Carley was not charged with any crimes.

"The University of Alabama Police Department is pleased to report no damage to the car or injuries to the officer after this unintentional and reckless action," the spokesperson said. "UAPD met with the individual to address the incident, and urges everyone to be cautious, conscientious and aware of their surroundings."

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