Nothing is worse than seeing those flashing lights in your rearview mirror, especially when you are headed out of town for a nice long holiday weekend. Your heart sinks to your stomach. Been there, done that. Don’t be that person this Memorial Day holiday weekend.

I’ve collected some information from family, friends, and my personal experience. I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket in years; knock on wood. My drivers' tip, I’ve noticed troopers right before and right after rest stop areas. Also, those small towns are known for speed traps because of the lower speed limits. In addition, some have camera picture-taking ticket systems.

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Speed Traps in West Alabama

Cottondale - Be on the lookout for speed limit signs. Speed limits drop quickly in various sections.

Lake View – Agnes Drive

Moundville – HWY 69, watch for the speed limit changes and follow them

Northport – HWY 43

Selma – HWY 22

Tuscaloosa - The 20/59 and 459 Junctions

Tuscaloosa - Rice Mine Road in front of Matthews Elementary in Northport

Tuscaloosa - Mimosa Road near Highway 69 in Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa - Pretty much ALL of University Boulevard, including Alberta City

Tuscaloosa - Jack Warner Parkway, where the speed limit drastically changes

Tuscaloosa - Veterans Memorial Parkway, they sit just in subdivision entrance

Tuscaloosa - Anywhere near Stillman College area

Vance - 20/59 at the Mercedes Benz Exit

Vance – HWY 11

Headed to the various beaches of Alabama and Florida?

There are multiple routes, so I’m listing the cities along the way with speed traps.

Andalusia – the speed trap is set up on a stretch to the next city. Have patience and go to the speed limit.

Bay Minette – Let me save you some money. I know from experience, watch during the whole time you are in this city.

Brantley – North Main Street, it’s a quick drive through the town but costly if you speed. Whatever you do, don’t go over the speed limit by even one mile.

Daphne – Watch for troopers on the exit ramps of I-10

Daphne – Near the high school and middle school

Daphne – right on Rigsby Road

Elba – after the Pea River Bridge on HWY 84

Foley – Foley Beach Express, they nab out of state folks all the time.

Foley – Highway 59 coming into downtown

Montgomery – HWY 31 turns into HYW 80, then you turn right onto HWY 331. They are waiting along that stretch of HWY 331. I didn’t get a ticket, but the folks in front of me did.

Spanish Fort – HWY 31

Troy – HWY 231

Troy – George Wallace Drive

If you have any other speed traps that you want me to list. I’ll be happy to update the list, be sure to email me at

Along with the police and state troopers being on the lookout for speeding Alabamians, they will watch for drivers under the influence. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s true, “DON’T DRIVE AND DRIVE.”  You don’t only put yourself in harm's way but the lives of others as well. Not cool. Not to mention the financial burden in the thousands when you are facing a DUI. An Uber or Lyft fee is much cheaper.


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