My Son Turns 6-Month-Old & Had Food For The First Time

Today, I really learned that time flies when you have a baby. My son Asè is officially 6-months-old!

We've been waiting on this day for a long time. Not just because it is another month of growth, but we wanted to wait until he turned 6-months-old before we gave him any food. Until this day, he's been breastfed. That has been his only source of food. I have to admit, we have given him a few pieces of watermelon before and he loved it. When he was about 4 months he started reaching for our food whenever we ate. It was hilarious! Little did we know, this was one of the signs that he was almost ready to start eating food.

After doing some research and asking parents we know and trust, we found out that there are several signs that babies are ready to eat food. At around 5 months, we saw every sign that he was ready for food but thought it'll be a great idea to wait until the 6-month date.

My wife went to the pop-up farmers market at Annette Shelby Park earlier this week and grabbed some fresh fruits to blend up. We made it a whole event within the house. He was hungry and the fresh peaches were blended and ready for him to eat. It was so funny. He grabbed the spoon himself and ate the peaches!! I have to admit, I got a little emotional seeing him eat. My baby is really growing up!

Now we have to get a high chair, sippy cups, and everything needed when your baby becomes just a little bit more independent. Look out world. Asè is now eating real food!

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