I was kicking back this past weekend checking my Facebook, and this story came across my News Feed. The Story was about an Alabama Texting Ban that was set to begin on August 1st. The problem is, THAT BAN WENT INTO EFFECT FIVE YEARS AGO!

Apparently, some people decided to pass along the story WITHOUT noticing the ORIGINAL publishing date of The Tuscaloosa News article, which was published back in 2012! In fact, check out the screenshot that I took above. It clearly says at top, "FROM THE ARCHIVE: Alabama's ban on texting while driving begins (August 1, 2012)".

What I find scary is the amount of people that DID NOT know this already, and think that the texting ban started just last week! Where have they been?! How could they NOT know?! And have they been texting and driving ILLEGALLY for the PAST FIVE YEARS???!!!

And those folks are not alone. There are still media outlets that actually posted this story on their website last week telling people that an "Alabama Texting Ban Starts Wednesday". As members of the media, they SHOULD know better.

In any event, please know that this new Alabama texting while driving ban has been In effect for five years!

And if you didn't know that before, well now you DO.

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