Health Care Workers And Kids Receive 1st Wave Of H1N1 Vaccinations
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For the past few days, I've been trying to figure out how I got sick! I haven't had the flu in years...until now!



I went to Las Vegas feeling great, excited and ready to enjoy my vacation! By the time we landed back in GA, I had a fever,a cough and my body felt like I got ran over by a truck!

To my surprise, the Flu is in Full swing right now in Las Vegas!  Reports are saying that Nevadans are having a tough time shaking the flu this year as national officials are extending flu season for the state, naming no official end in sight.

“As of right now the CDC has extended flu season indefinitely," said Dr. Bryn Rodriguez with Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center.

Dr. Rodriguez explains that flu season typically ends with the start of April.

"High fevers, more cough, body ache, difficulty breathing,” she said. "This year alone there have been 34,000 deaths worldwide to flu."

About 33 percent of the people hospitalized in the county this year were vaccinated and and what's really scary is that 14 percent of the 21 people who died from the flu were vaccinated. Statewide there were 114 deaths.

The crazy thing is that the vaccination they gave this year, is for the H1N1 virus,  NOT effective against the new H3N2 strain that has been on the rise. Dr. Bob Lutz, a health officer recommends people still take precautions.“If you’re not vaccinated, your risk for whatever strain of flu that’s out there is greater than those who have been vaccinated,”


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