New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals


This was one of the worst days ever for America!



Do you remember what you were doing 16 years ago when the first plane hit the Twin Towers?



I remember I was getting ready for work and my Mom came by for coffee, as she knocked on my door, the first plan had just hit one of the twin towers!  We stood there in disbelief, not knowing exactly what was going on, we couldn't move.  We stayed glued to the television.  I remember seeing the second plan approaching and then hitting the second tower.  My Mother and I stood there motionless, still trying to understand what was going on.

I forgot I was suppose to be heading to work.  I was so torn up, I didn't make it into work.  My Mother starting calling family members, That's when one of my aunts called crying and screaming! At the time, she worked in a building right next to the Twin Towers,  All I remember her is her frantically screaming that the Towers were hit and that she's looking at people jumping out of windows.  Will always remember the ones we lost as well as the Fire Fighters and Police Officers.

I couldn't do anything but cry and hold my Mom. That was one of the saddest days of my life, and No, I Will NEVER forget.