Most of us can pinpoint a particular place where we've received the worst customer service ever.  This post is not that! As a matter of fact,  it's quite the opposite. Here's a story about one of the greatest servers ever.

My family recently went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my aunt 's birthday.

After waiting for two and a half hours (larger group), we were seated. Our server was bubbly and didn't seem bothered in the least bit. It was roughly 20 of us, and Marcella didn't get even one order wrong. Not a drink or meal. During the ordering process, she gave her opinions of the items she's eaten and inserted jokes here and there. It was almost like keeping us laughing was helping her get through her workday.

She paid such attention to detail that when it came time to order dessert,  I requested one slice of a particular cheesecake, cut in half for two of the children to enjoy.  The slice was halved exactly as I requested but then packaged as if they were individual slices.

I was so impressed with this young lady that I asked her to take a picture with me. I can already see myself calling ahead and asking if I can be seated in her area.

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