Memorial Day weekend is often considered the beginning of summer though the solstice is still a few weeks away!

Undoubtedly, if there's anyone who hasn't taken out the grill all year, this weekend will be the time to do so.  And what do we do while grilling?  We play cards, talk smack, and enjoy great music, of course!

WTUG is making this a Memorial Day weekend to remember as we count down the Top 500 Songs of R&B Hits and Classics.  The song which remained at No. 1 on the charts the longest will play last in the 6:00 hour on Monday, May 25.

Want to know how you can be a part aside from listening?  Take your phone and record your name, from where you're calling, and the song you're requesting.  Then, go to "Submit Photo/Video" on your WTUG app and upload your recording. If your song is on the list, your voice will play before that song airs.

The Top 500 Songs of R&B Hits and Classics is being brought to you by Start Talking Alabama, an Alabama Department of Public Health program which "seeks to increase HIV awareness and decrease the stigma by sharing prevention, testing, and treatment information, and support." Source.

The ADPH also released these alarming facts:

In Alabama, adolescents and young adults aged 15-29 years are twice as likely to be infected with HIV as the average Alabama resident. Among adolescent and young adult African American males aged 15-29 years, sex with another male is the predominant risk factor reported among newly diagnosed HIV infections. Recent trends over the previous decade show an alarming increase in the number of HIV infections among African American males aged 15-29 years reporting sex with another male.

So, as we enjoy a time of great music and reflection, let's make sure we do what's necessary to ensure we're around for many more fun times and holidays.

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