Stillman College has long served the Tuscaloosa community as an institution of higher learning.  It continues to advance in areas of technology and to broaden areas of study, increasing the attractiveness to potential students.

Under the leadership of Dr. Cynthia Warrick, the institution has seen a turnaround in enrollment, with a great number of students taking online courses in addition to those who choose to attend classes on campus.

Much can be said about Dr. Warrick's commitment to excellence, but she remains humble.  In fact, as the first female president of Stillman College, rather than allow a huge fanfare to be made about herself, Dr. Warrick formulated a celebration of Female Firsts.

This event has taken place annually since, and this year's event is today.  It begins with an 11 a.m. Fall Convocation at Birthright Hall , followed by a luncheon at 12:45.

Women from Tuscaloosa and elsewhere in the state will be honored.  For more information and to possibly purchase a seat for the luncheon, click here.

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