If you've ever attended a church where testimony service was a part of the program, you've undoubtedly said to yourself a time or two, "I don't think I would have said all that."

EVERYBODY who hears THIS one says it!

As most most people who choose to testify do, she started off pretty good. Admitted she's a backslider and asked for prayer.  Acknowledged her belief in God and of how it is foolish to make a mockery of God. Pretty good, right?

Well, she quickly went left right after that!  See for yourself.


(Warning: Not safe for work, not suitable for children, and do not watch the video if you cannot holler out laughing at completely surprise amusement.)

Even the girl singing "Seven Days" at a funeral got more mic time than this woman! That mic was returned to the pulpit quicker than Deontay Wilder knocked out Bermane Stiverne! (a little hometown love there)

But seriously, this lady obviously has some issues which need to be addressed, and she never got to tell about her redemption.  Then again, she probably never would have gotten to that point.  She might have gone more into detail or detailed more exploits.

Though way more graphic than anything I've ever heard, this isn't the most unbelievable testimony I've witnessed. I remember this one unmarried man who was giving thanks to God because the bed broke while he and his woman were getting busy in it, and he was just grateful that no one got hurt. Now, not being hurt... Yes, that's enough to give thanks, but the other part... Brother, you should have kept that part to yourself.


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