In every family, you have a hand full of people that can't seem to act right!  You can't bare  the thought of everyone one getting together for the one dinner table, not to mention, all at the same time!  Lol.

You know the family members I'm talking about.  That uncle that gets drunk and start telling all the family secrets, that aunt that curses everyone out, or how about that cousin that has sticky fingers and tries to pocket And everyone has something to say about "Aunt Mae's Potato Salad" know the one that nobody wants to touch.  Oh wait, we can't forget about the two cousins you try to keep away from the spades table or that begging cousin that gets mad at you because you won't lend them any money!

I have a cousin that I don't even speak to on the regular.  If you look, you see the last time he sent me a message was in 2015, the next time i heard from him was this morning.  Same message...wth???  I didn't even respond! Come to think of it, I didn't respond to the one before that either!

I need some help, what meme would you use to respond??