Love and Hip Hop Atlanta


Dang Tommie!  She's one of my favorite people on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta but Tommy can't seem to stay out of trouble for some reason!

TMZ is reporting that Tommie was arrested early this morning in Atlanta outside of the Royal Peacock club.  Apparently, a cop told her to get out of the roadway where he was directing traffic, Tommy allegedly ignored his instructions and the cop reported that she got belligerent.

The cops then said Tommie struck a nearby valet in the head, and that's when she was arrested! The valet didn't want to press charges, but cops arrested Tommie anyway and booked her for disorderly conduct. They also said she was under the influence...of what, they didn't say. Hopefully not liquor!

Man, the bad thing is, you know Tommie should not be drunk on alcohol  because we all know she's NOT supposed to be drinking at all! A judge ordered her to wear one of those alcohol monitoring things and she wasn't supposed to get into any more trouble!  As you remember, the higher ups on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta put her on probation as well.

Tonight is the reunion on BET at 7 PM.