While most Tuscaloosans would like to think of the city as having the quaint feel of Mayberry, this afternoon, the Tuscaloosa Police Department expressed in an email the need to lock doors.

During a four month period (May 1 through August 1, 2017), Tuscaloosa Police Department investigated 179 residential burglaries and 49 were found unsecured during the incident.   Also, 177 auto burglaries were reported and 118 were no forced entries, of these there were 17 firearms taken.

Once again, Tuscaloosa Police Department is reaching out to the citizens of the City of Tuscaloosa to lock and secure your doors, activate your security system and remove any valuables from public view.  Most times these crimes can be prevented #Lock It… or Lose It!

Admittedly, a few years ago, I didn't think there was much of a need to lock my car door when I was at home.  It was a bad habit that was quickly broken when someone entered my car while I was visiting a friend.  Thinking that because it was a dark area, no one would see my purse on the floor in the back of the car, I called myself "running in and right back out," but that visit ended up being a few hours.  And when I left, my purse was no longer in my car.

Yes, it was a dumb move on my part.  I was young, but I learned quickly!

As much as we want to believe we don't have the same issues as a larger city, the fact of the matter is that Tuscaloosa is growing; and as long as the Tide is winning and the automobile industry continues to expand, the area will become even more appealing. It's better to take precaution than to have to create easy access.  Lock it or lose it!

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