This morning, I was alerted to a conversation concerning security measures taken by a Dollar General store in Tuscaloosa. The complaining party seemed to believe the practice was racist in intent. I disagree. I'm going to tell you why.

I know that I'm going to face a lot of backlash over my view. I often do. Blame the Libra in me, I guess.  I'm used to it. However, what I'm NOT used to is taking the role of the victim unnecessarily.

So, I want to have a real deal conversation about this... Is "the race card" supposed to be the "big joker" or something?  Whenever it's used, is it supposed to trump everything else?

Seriously, I'm TIRED of fighting over illogical things.  Because it applies to people of color doesn't make it racist.  Just a week or so ago, everybody was ready to boycott Dove products because someone who WANTED TO BE OFFENDED took a video, edited it to look the way she interpreted it, and rounded up others to agree and spread the word... The WRONG word!

It doesn't matter that advertising was previously guilty of using racist undertones.  In this particular instance, it wasn't. Someone chose to make it what it was not.

I feel this Dollar General situation is similar.  Not that the person who was offended twisted what actually happened to make it what she wanted it to be but that the situation was misinterpreted.  As I said in the video above, ALL legitimate businesses keep an inventory.  Even above accounting measures, they like to know what items are most popular so they can keep those in stock.

Now, to wrap this up, I'd like to share this bit of information:  There's another store in the area close to that particular Dollar General.  I REFUSE to shop at that store, but I will travel dozens of miles to shop at the same store because the stock at the store here in Tuscaloosa doesn't compare to the franchises other stores.  I expressed this to someone who was involved with the business, and I was told that our store doesn't get as much merchandise as other stores in surrounding areas because there is a high rate of theft at our store.  If the Dollar General ideology was applied here, should we take it to mean the company believes everybody in Tuscaloosa steals?  Of course not.

Simply put, numbers don't lie; and you can't fault a company OR individual for wanting to protect his bottom line.


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