Midterms Elections Held Across The U.S.
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The general election for the City of Tuscaloosa Mayor, City Council, and Tuscaloosa City Board of Education is on Tuesday,March 7th. That's only two weeks away. Have you decided on a candidate?

The city council is made up of seven people who represent the seven districts of Tuscaloosa. The mayor and the city council are elected for 4 years.

If the latest Presidential election didn't teach you anything, it definitely taught people to vote. Every vote truly matters. But you should also understand who and what you are voting for.

There are a lot of pressing issues in Tuscaloosa that need to be fixed. Will your candidate fix it? How will they do it? What's there plan? Does their resume or past matter?

If you're still undecided, there are events in the next few weeks leading up to the election where you can meet and listen to the candidates.

There is a political forum at The Rivermarket tonight at 6, for the mayoral candidates and those running for City Council hosted by the League of Women Voters of Greater Tuscaloosa.

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