Years ago, I was told that the definition of ministry is to see a need and meet that need.  It doesn't always mean to preach, as we've become so accustomed. But it is often said that the most important or memorable sermon many will ever receive is in the ACTIONS of another.

Saturday, after leaving Townsquare's tailgate for the Iron Bowl, my daughter and I made a stop by the Tinsel Trail to check on our stations' trees.  After replacing a few fallen ornaments and fixtures, we took a stroll to view the rest of the trees on that particular stretch.

We came upon one tree that obviously had a message, but a few letters had fallen.  I picked them up and placed them in the tree so other visitors would see the message in its entirety.  I then read the information sheet, describing the tree's sponsor.


S.D. Allen Furniture Ministry is an amazing ministry, founded by the late S.D. Allen, a faithful member of Calvary Baptist Church. Since the ministry began, it has provided more than 1,000 beds to Tuscaloosa families. Read more about the ministry here.

It is now preparing to give beds for Christmas.  Donations of twin beds and twin bedding are requested.  If you'd like to be of help, click here to find out how.

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