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Tuscaloosa Police posted early this morning on Facebook.

We need help identifying the children in these photos!!

"A couple returning home to The Links, off Highway 69 South, found them walking near the gate at 10:23 p.m. Friday night. They drove the children through the complex searching for a parent or caregivers, but had no luck. We’ve been out all night trying to find where they came from, but have been unsuccessful.

Their names are James and Kya and they’re around 2 or 3 years old. Their mom or caregiver may be named Polly. They told us she was sleeping on the couch when they decided to leave their home. They appear healthy, happy and well-cared for.
The kids were near the entrance of The Links the first time they appear on security footage, so it’s very possible they came from another area - possibly another complex along Mimosa Park Road.
Kya fell asleep before the investigator was able to take a good photo. They’re safe and happy right now."
PLEASE call us immediately if you can help - 205-349-2121.

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