Tornado's are the second deadliest weather hazard and Tuscaloosa County is ranked third in the country for the most tornado ravaged county.

WeatherDB researched which 10 U.S. counties experienced the most monetary damage caused by tornadoes between January 1996 and January 2016.

NOAA‘s Severe Weather Data Inventory for the total damage for each tornado and the total number of deaths and injuries that occurred was used to compile the data. Counties that experienced extreme tornado damage from fewer than 10 tornadoes over the past 20 years were excluded.

Included in the top ten are counties in Texas, Illinois and Mississippi but three counties from Alabama alone are included in the top 5.

Limestone was ranked fifth, Jefferson County fourth and Tuscaloosa ranked third. See the complete Top Ten list here.

Tuscaloosa has had 48 tornadoes touch down that have collectively caused $1.64 billion in damages, 67 deaths and 977 injuries.

4/27/11 was Tuscaloosa’s single worst tornado day in history.

(H/T Yellowhammer News)