Value - Speaking Things Into Existence

“I have value” – Mary K

I believe in speaking things into existence.  Today I manifest the ideal of value.  Everyone has different views of value, but for me it is estimated worth of something, the importance of someone or something, and because I oil paint, it is the darkness or lightness in color.

To further breakdown my ideals of value, I want to explain a little bit more into my ideas.

  • The estimated worth of something

What is the estimated value that you place on yourself, others, time, experiences, people, etc.? Not necessarily in terms of monetary worth but a level of appreciation.

  • The importance of someone or something

The people and objects in your life, what is their level of significance?  What level of importance do they place on you?

  • Darkness or lightness in color (oil painting reference)

One of my hobbies is oil painting, and I am always looking into a color examining the dark and light values, so I can build upon those values to make more vibrant or other colors.  How often do you explore the values of your life and of the others?  In times of darkness and lightness, what do you learn from those values?

I encourage you to think about value.

Believe this; you have value.  Don’t let anyone lead you to believe you don’t have value.  I did; it’s not a great feeling and hard to overcome.

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