If criminals took as much time to create and sell their own products as they do finding ways to damage others or evade detection, they’d be a lot better off.

Case and point, this message I just received from a Facebook friend:

egg warning

Granted, there is nothing to imply that this is occurring in Tuscaloosa or that this is from our police department, but it is still good information to have, especially if you travel a lot.

The concept is actually well thought.  If a liquid substance hits our windshields (even if it’s the splatter of a bug), most of us instantly attempt to use our wipers to remove the mess.  If it becomes smeared, we then spray our wiper fluid for added “muscle.”  In this case, it would increase the chances of a person becoming a victim of a robbery or worse.

The question is….. Who comes up with this stuff?  It’s hard for an average, everyday person to really get into the mind of a criminal to think about what to do in a case like this until it actually happens. Luckily, whoever was a victim or became aware of the scheme thought enough to share the info.

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