Apparently, in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, marijuana washed up on the shores of beaches in Florida.  Here WAS my question:  How did law enforcement find out?

Apparently, the great state of Florida has a few model citizens who promptly called the police.

Now, I’m going to be real… It wouldn’t have been me!  Nope.

I don’t even smoke, and the ONLY reasons I don’t is because it’s illegal, I like my job, and I have asthma. The asthma part is really the only part that keeps me from smoking, to be honest.  But if marijuana was legal in Alabama, I think I’d find the time and space to “garden.”

I mean, you can look at me and tell that I don’t miss many meals.  I’d be cooking up some brownies, cookies, sprinkle a little in the place of oregano, mix it into flour to coat my chicken, etc.  Why?  Its medicinal component is probably better than a lot of the medicines we take over the counter or by prescription.  We take all kinds of plants from our yards to make teas and such, there are many herbal supplements on the shelves of supermarkets.

But the marijuana plant is illegal in most states? Get the heck outta here.

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