You've probably been eating McDonald's apple pies since you were a kid.  There's a lot of people that still eat them today. Have you noticed a difference or did you just eat it as usual?  The next time you go to McDonald's order an apple pie, McDonald's just made some pretty BIG changes to their apple pies.

The pies now have a new "lattice crust" on top . . . so instead of being totally covered with dough, now it criss-crosses on top.  You will also notice that the pies taste a little different taste! They now have new ingredients, including more cinnamon and less sugar.

Apparently, a lot of people are NOT feeling the change!  But McDonald's isn't backpedaling.  They swear that people will grow to love the new pies even more. Not to mention they also pointed out it's not the first time they changed the recipe:  In 1992, they switched from deep frying them to baking them.

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