Today, I stopped by Wendy's to grab a quick bite.

I ordered a 4 for 4, and my friend ordered some nuggets and a chocolate frosty.  When the restaurant employee asked what kind of sauce he wanted, he said, "I'm going to dip them in my frosty."

Now, I'd heard of people dipping their fries in their frosties, but this was a first time for nuggets. Even my staff said they'd never heard of someone dipping nuggets in a frosty, but most had seen fries dipped.

I'm just wondering... Is this common?  Is it not just fries?  Well, obviously not since he's dipping nuggets, but is that where it stops?  Is there anyone who dips their burgers or chicken sandwiches?

Maybe Wendy's needs to develop a mini cup of frosty and sell it as a sauce. *shrug* Stranger things have happened.

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