Actor Adrian Lockett recently took to Facebook to ask someone to put him in touch with Deontay Wilder. Knowing that he'd recently been booked to play "the young Mike Tyson," I figured he wanted pointers in boxing, but his plans were something entirely different.

Upon seeing his request, I sent Wilder a text with Lockett's contact information. I then booked Lockett for an interview to talk about his most recent and upcoming projects, in which he described plans for a movie that centered around boxing; hence, the need to contact Wilder.  Deontay eventually called Adrian, and the connection was made!

So, Tuesday morning, Adrian called to let me know he'd be meeting Deontay that evening at C Mart in Northport.  I had no idea what C Mart was, but I decided to stop by and holler at the fellas.

Let me tell you... C Mart... I've never seen anything like it!


Turns out, it's a liquor store. But it's not just any liquor store. This store has something for every type of drinker, from the "I don't care how it tastes, I just want to be tipsy" drinker to the "I only drink the finest" drinker. And when I say "the finest," I mean if you think Cristal is top notch, you still have a long way to go.

That store has some drinks with prices so high I was afraid to move. I didn't even want to consider the possibility of accidentally bumping into something, or even slipping and falling in an open space out of fear that the wind from my fall might cause something to break.

WHO has $5,000 to spend on a bottle of liquor? At $5,000 it HAS TO be able to awaken taste buds I don't know I have.  It has to come from the same party where Jesus turned water into wine-- as a matter of fact, it has to have been turned into alcohol from Jesus' pee. It has to be able to purify my entire urinary tract, including my kidneys and bladder.  AND THEN it has to fool my brain into thinking I'm full from the smallest of sips because at $5,000, I can't afford to eat!

But now, if a $5,000 bottle of alcohol is right up your alley... You wanna sip on it while entertaining Oprah Winfrey as you glide your yacht through the waters of the Mediterranean, or you know... You just don't mind paying top dollar for the best quality, aged beverage, C Mart has exactly what you need and can't get anywhere else in Tuscaloosa!

Now, back to the reason I was there...


Adrian wanted to run an idea past Deontay, concerning a movie, and it seems like the champ was receptive to the idea.  Lockett has already made the big screen with some pretty heavy hitters.  It looks like he might be hitting it with the heaviest hitter West Alabama has ever produced!

Stay tuned.

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