As part of keeping other students safe and other parents informed, the parents of students at Woodland Forrest Elementary School received a call around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, informing them of a student's positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

This comes just days before students who did not opt for yearlong virtual learning are set to return to the classroom full time.  Right now, the school operates on a staggered opening, which means that some students attend in-person learning a couple of days per week.

Therefore, it was of the utmost importance that those who may have been in close contact with the student were notified immediately.  However, because of the staggered  structure, that number is minimal.

Without a doubt, the best way to quell fears is to jump ahead of them.  So, it was remarkable for Principal Brian Rose to notify all parents of the school's situation rather than allowing the rumor mill to go to work.

All too often, parents send sick children to school and daycare.  Most of the time, the parents are seen as negligent for doing so, but it is important to note that children don't always display symptoms of illness before entering the classroom.  In such cases, there is nothing the parent can do.

However, in cases where children appear to be sick, they should never be sent to any setting where other children are placed at risk. This applies not only to the coronavirus but any contagious illness.

Kudos to Woodland Forrest Elementary School and Principal Brian Rose for taking necessary steps to protect your students, faculty, and staff. If other families, businesses, and institutions do the same, hopefully, this will all be over.

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