The Alabama Softball program is turning the page to Team 27 and the 2023 season after failing to qualify for Super Regional for the first time in program history. Head coach Patrick Murphy is hard at work cementing the next season's schedule and as a part of that he must plan homecoming trips for Team 27's seniors.

According to Brett Greenberg of WKRG the Crimson Tide will head to Marshall for a double-header to allow Montana Fouts to perform in front of her friends and family.

Murphy traditionally attempts to schedule games at or near the hometowns of his seniors in order for them to play in front of fans who otherwise may not be able to make a trip to Tuscaloosa.

Marshall University is about a 35 minute drive away from Fouts' hometown of Grayson, Kentucky. Her friends and family should have an easy drive down I-64 to see her perform for the Crimson Tide.

Last season the Crimson Tide played a late season road game to honor Kaylee Tow at Western Kentucky. Greenberg reports Mrs. Tow threw down in the kitchen with a 'Hot Brown Kentucky Slider Sandwich'. Montana's mother implied she would have something up her sleeve for the program this year when they visit Eastern Kentucky.

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Fouts announced at the end of May that she would be returning to the Crimson Tide to play her super senior year along with Ashley Prange and Ally Shipman. Team 27 added Emma Broadfoot to the roster as Murphy is scouring the transfer portal for more talent.

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