This morning when I dropped Jireh off at Summer Impact Day Camp, I thought about all of the awesome activities they do, which led me to think about our Children's Ministry and all of the wonderful things they do with our youth.

I thought about the mini vision board Jireh brought home the other week.  She made it in Children's Church.  It definitely captured everything she's about from eating healthy to physical activity and being a positive person.  Now, being a positive person, she definitely got from me.  The healthy eating and physical activity... Let's just say she encourages me.  I'm actually doing better, though I'm a work in progress.

Anyway, it made me think.  I've always wanted to attend a vision board party.  I've seen a few planned, but each time I make plans to attend, something else comes up. With that being said, I want to attend one.  Is anyone planning a party for this summer, or is there anyone who can help make a board individually?  Tag them!

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