So, when everyone first found out I would be interviewing Sanyell, the response was crazy! Some people thought it was great that an average, everyday person was being given a platform; but more thought it to be asinine.

Here's my issue with the whole thing:

Hundreds of people share her videos, creating a following of thousands of people. No one complains about the shares. No one has started a campaign to have her banned from social media or anything like that. And I'm certainly not saying they should, but I have a question... WHY are you sharing her videos if you think she's a disgrace? Could it be that you're making fun of her? Have you taken the time to talk to her or to try to guide her in a different, more productive direction?

I stated months ago that I don't promote vulgarity. If your music is not clean, it won't be played. If it encourages illegal activity, it won't be played. If it sounds like you made it in your bedroom closet-- some music made in a closet doesn't sound bad when processed correctly --don't get mad when people tell you the production is lacking. I am VERY sensitive about what I allow to come over the air that I control. I can't do anything about what other stations play, but WTUG is about love and enjoying life, even if we have obstacles to overcome to see the silver lining.

Therefore, those who had so many negative comments 1-don't know me, 2-don't listen to my station, and 3- aren't good decision makers because they jump to conclusions. "I can't see how any good can come of this" simply means you lack the belief that anything negative can be turned into a positive. I happen to believe all things are possible.

In this interview, Sanyell described being raised by her father and his wife, not her mother. She briefly mentioned being in an abusive relationship, although short-lived. She encouraged women who might be in an abusive relationship to get out. She discussed her dream and how her social media popularity came about; and I'm going to do all I can to help guide her instead of laughing at her.

In fact, off the air, we discussed her record of being arrested for domestic violence (she says she beat her case and still has a clean record in that regard) as well as the case where she was arrested for trespassing, thinking that the time of her being banned from an establishment had expired.

One thing that stood out during our conversation is that she says her father has always been there to help her and bail her out, but she's never really had a woman to help guide her.

Now, watch this video so you'll have a point of reference when you see the change in her.

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